Practice Ignition

Whilst working at Practice Ignition, the website needed revamp after bringing on staff specialising in marketing and SEO. We worked together in amplifying the visual style and elaborating on the diverse features the product has to offer.

Working with Dane, our Head of Product, I was responsible for the whole package of design and development - I designed the illustrations and interface and wrote the back-end and front-end.


Product Designer


Desktop & Mobile






How do we meet the everyday investor in the middle?

After changing their name from TraderNote, Maqro required a complete refresh in brand and product that would launch them into the Australian trading market as a shining new contender for ambitious investors.

Now, have you ever had the idea of picking a new hobby that looks easy to learn and will make you satisfied quickly? Of course you have. So you have then definitely experienced the immediate regret as you try your new hobby and realise it's overwhelming and stressful and a huge mess?

Well, Maqro wants to allow people to have that 'new hobby' excitement with investment trading, and to go ahead and succeed with it. But they needed something special to pull it off - and they found it, by introducing Australia's first wealth advisory platform.

Maqro allows their investors to access the insight and knowledge of professional advisors, without paying the high fees of high-end stockbrokers. By opening this door to new investors, they dramatically minimise their risk, time spent and effort made.

Creating content that delivers on showcasing the variety of the product

With the complexity and multifaceted nature of Practice Ignition's powerhouse solution for accountants, there came a lot of ways to actually describe it.

You could talk about proposals, payments, services, templates, dashboard, automation, invoicing - the list kept going on. So rather than trying to fit it all in one box on one page, we divided and conquered.

Each main feature had it's own page, with a structure of two parts:
- First highlighting the core benefits of this feature
- Showing secondary benefits that are relevant to other features.

For instance, take the 'Proposals' page. There are the core benefits of efficiency in proposal creation, and tracking proposal activity. Then, in comes the secondary benefit of accepting payments on your proposals.

Initially highlighted the main features of proposals, we then introduced a feature relevant to both proposals and payments.

So what was the objective here?

To connect the features between pages to make the reader have a realisation that the whole package is what we are selling.

Website is now live at