Visu is my own website where I post infographics based on film, television and sports aka entertainment. It originated as an assignment for an entertainment marketing class whilst studying abroad in Toronto.

With early success, it grew into a passion project I have continued for years now, particularly when I need a creative charge or you know, I just watch a really good movie or episode of TV.


How do we meet the everyday investor in the middle?

After changing their name from TraderNote, Maqro required a complete refresh in brand and product that would launch them into the Australian trading market as a shining new contender for ambitious investors.

Now, have you ever had the idea of picking a new hobby that looks easy to learn and will make you satisfied quickly? Of course you have. So you have then definitely experienced the immediate regret as you try your new hobby and realise it's overwhelming and stressful and a huge mess?

Well, Maqro wants to allow people to have that 'new hobby' excitement with investment trading, and to go ahead and succeed with it. But they needed something special to pull it off - and they found it, by introducing Australia's first wealth advisory platform.

Maqro allows their investors to access the insight and knowledge of professional advisors, without paying the high fees of high-end stockbrokers. By opening this door to new investors, they dramatically minimise their risk, time spent and effort made.

But wait, how many times did you have to watch it back?

My favourite question asked about some of these infographics. Only a few times, but that's not the point. I've always had an interesting in collection and curation of content. I feel like when you lay everything out in front you, there's a different perception to the information.

Like wow, John Wick really does kill a lot of people in his movies. Or huh, there's more jokes in Avengers: Infinity War than I thought.

A night with John Wick and his many, many fallen enemies

In February 2017, I was approached by Lionsgate to create a kill count infographic for the film John Wick Chapter 2, after the viral success of the first I had made.

This was such a fun experience that perfectly encapsulated my two favourite worlds of entertainment and design. The final product was a great success upon release and a real standout in the marketing campaign for the film. It still circulates social media platforms to this day and I'm always excited to see it on some forum or channel that I visit as a film fanatic myself.

These works have been a really enjoyable creative outlet for me. It allows me to in one way, think outside the box with visualising information. But it also lets me expression my love and passion for this kind of entertainment.

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